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For this course, you have an option to complete all seven lectures as one or purchase each lecture individually and complete them at a time that suits you. The course is compiled of seven online modules, each module takes approx one-hour to complete, plus the recommended reading and an end of module quiz.

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Professional Certificate in Infrastructure Projects and Community Acceptance

Full Course



Interaction Between Infrastructure Projects & Local Communities

Module 1



Facility Siting Social and Community Acceptance Defining Communities & Local Stakeholders

Module 2


Module 3 IPCA Global Professional Diplom

Procedural Justice, Public Consultation and Participation

Module 3


Module 4 IPCA Global Professional Diplom

Distributional Justice / Community Benefit Schemes, Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance

Module 4


Module 5 IPCA Global Professional Diplom

Stakeholder Engagement Plan, Stakeholder Identification & Mapping

Module 5


Module 6 IPCA Global Professional Diplom

Communications Plan, Community Liaison, Project Monitoring Committees

Module 6


Module 7 IPCA Global Professional Diplom

Environmental Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Module 7



Internationally Recognised Global CPD Course

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