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“No matter where you work in the world this course will give you great confidence as you encounter local resistance, and for when you are being considered to deliver an important infrastructure project”.


Professional Certificate Course ‘Pack’ – hard copy and pdf’s of course material, ‘toolkits’ & best practice ‘templates’


20% discount on Year 1 membership of IPCA Global Institute

Add value to your skill-set 


Notification of and discount to all future IPCA Global Institute events such as webinars, conferences, workshops and award ceremonies


Upon graduation with your Professional Certificate, you will become an accredited practitioner in Infrastructure projects and Local Communities

Signed 1st Edition copy of book in hard copy or PDF ‘Infrastructure Projects and Local Communities’, publishing late 2021. Contact us to be entered into a draw to be in with a chance to win this book.

Curriculum Vitae

Enhance your CV with this specialism, make yourself more noticeable and attractive to potential employers who recognise the importance of good relations with local communities.

The Certificate is approved as qualifying as CPD by Engineers Ireland. Members who undertake this course can count it towards their annual CPD requirement.


You will hold an independently certified Professional Certificate from IPCA Global which has affiliations with many academic institutions, professional and industry organisations.

Signed 1st edition copy of ‘Offshore Wind Local Stakeholder Engagement Best Practice Guide’ in hard copy or PDF


Membership of IPCA Global Institute Networking Group

IPCA Global is a MEMBER of
The CPD Certification Service
Providing recognised independent CPD  accreditation compatible with global CPD principles. Certified No. A028946


Internationally Recognised Global CPD Course

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