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Dr. Garry M. Keegan

Dr. Garry M. Keegan is the founder and CEO of IPCA Global. He is a leading community impact and conflict intervention expert in the area of infrastructure and urban development. He leads a team of associates dedicated to negotiating and managing solutions with external stakeholders, in particular local communities located in close proximity to new single and multi-site facilities.

Clients include utility companies and local authorities domestically and internationally, and building development companies. Over the past twenty-five years, Dr. Keegan and his team have worked exclusively on large infrastructure projects (electricity, gas, water, waste, telecoms, transport and healthcare) throughout Ireland, U.K., Continental Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Garry was appointed by the International Energy Agency as Operating Agent (OA) for Task 28 which is a research collaboration on Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects. Countries involved include the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Ireland. Garry was OA 2017-2019, and is currently Joint-OA (2020-2023) alongside a US based colleague.



He has a PhD from the National University of Ireland Galway on Public Attitudes to Siting High Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines and the Role of Host Community Benefit Schemes.  Garry holds Masters Degrees in Marketing (MBS) from University College Dublin and in Mediation (MA) from Maynooth University Dublin.

He has completed ‘Business in the World Economy’ course at the prestigious London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), is a former elected public representative with Dublin City Council and has held several board memberships.

IPCA Global

IPCA Global provides project and client tailored consultancy, education, training and workshops. Dr. Keegan is regularly invited to speak at conferences and infrastructure development meetings, most recently at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, University College Dublin, London South Bank University, Northumbria University Newcastle and project specific workshops in Hannover, Hamburg, Denver, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Paris, Lisbon, Bilbao, New York and Brussels.

The IPCA Global Institute team is highly skilled with a varied and complementary set of professional qualifications, research capacity and experience. This ensures a high quality service is provided to our clients in the delivery of education, training, consultancy and specialist events. Our professionals maintain their standards through appropriate continuing professional development and training.


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